Dreamoc Diamond

  • Product Code: Dreamoc Diamond

Dreamoc Diamond – 4 sided holograpic display

The Exclusive Dreamoc Diamond
Present your brand and product in the most elegant way imaginable. The Dreamoc Diamond brings an innovative and highly attractive approach to driving attention, positioning brand values and showcasing distinctive product features.
It literally draws you in and keeps you there.
Derived from the aesthetic shape of a diamond, this new type of holographic display elegantly glorifies your product in the most visually impressive way.

Unparallaled and Elegant
Designed and developed in collaboration with Danish designer Steffen Schmelling, the Dreamoc Diamond offers our most exquisite Dreamoc experience at this time. With 4-sided visibility, the Dreamoc Diamond is one of our largest mixed reality displays ever built, specifically designed for events and brand activations in shopping malls, trade fairs and other high-traffic locations.

Flawless Desigh WIth Even More Space
The diamond-shaped optics allow for larger products than ever before to become enveloped by superimposed holographic content. The slim cabinet features the characteristic angled design, and the platform height
inside can be adjusted to fit small products such as exclusive watches or jewelry, as well as very large products such as premium suitcases or even designer furniture. 

Eye-Opening Engagement
The Dreamoc Diamond is abundant with newly developed features.
You can boost your presence and branding outreach even further by adding a customizable billboard on top of the display cabinet.
By rethinking the entire architecture of a holographic display, we developed a new type of light source inside the display that perfectly illuminates your product from all four sides and removes any blunt shadows at the same time.
Adding to the immersive experience, directional sound effects are made possible with new active speakers that successfully bounces sound waves directly off the large optics.


Customizable billboard

Boost your presence and branding even further by adding an optional billboard on top of the cabinet.

Safety laminated CrystallineTM Optics

High-end glass optics that provides vivid brightness and clarity for your holographic content. 

4-sided LED lighting

A new type of light source inside the display that illuminates your product from all four sides.

Active speakers

Create directional sound effects to amplify the immersive experience.

Adjustable platform height

Showcase everything from small premium products like watches or jewelry, all the way up to large exclusive suitcases or even designer furniture.

1-hour assembly time

The displays simple and smart construction equals very fast assembly time.


Consumption          265 W (typ)
Power input             100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Materials                 Powder-coated aluminum body
Resolution               1920:2160 (960x960 pixels pr side)
Content                    MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, H.264, WMV, AFCHD, BDAV, ASF,  MOV, MP2, MP3, AAC, WAV, BMP, JPEG, PNG
                                  Standard configurations allow only for the same animation to play on all four sides.
Sound out                4 x LED Lightning strip
LED                           19W for each LED lightning strip
Video Input              Content plays from micro SD-card HDMI input for real-time and interactivity features